Interactive ambisonic sound installation, as part of the "Milch & Honig Festival 2008", together with Philipp Rockel.

Ambient intervention brings the subtle soundscapes of natural environments into urban space.

GUI of the tracking software. This software used background subtraction for adapting to changing light conditions and still reliably detect moving objects. Preprocessing and subtraction is done on the GPU.

Distant insects, trees and a creek generate a faint sonic landscape that is easily overheard by people accustomed to an urban environment. In this project we tried to accurately recreate this soundscape inside a building using an ambisonic audio system (ambisonics is a set of technologies that can provide the listener a good directional perception of sound within a certain area).

The ambient recordings were done with a custom built microphone in a forrest, then played back through a speaker array inside the entrance hall of HS Augsburg. Volume was set very low to match the original approximately, thus the sound is mostly overheard by the casual listener, but can suddenly become very prominent when a loud cow or a rustling is triggered by the movements of people passing the hall. To detect these movements, the room is monitored with a webcam.